All you need to know about Skilled Independent Visa for permanent Australian residency

The Skill Select system of Australia is responsible for handing out skilled independent visas to eligible candidates seeking job and permanent residency in Australia. All skilled individuals under the age of 50, except for children, can apply for skilled visas. It is however a point based system. Thus, the minimum pass mark, along with an invitation and approval to work in Australia before applying for the visa is absolutely necessary.

Hence, the Skill Select system requires everyone seeking for the skilled visa to get expert guidance for a smooth procedure of earning the visa. And we at Immigration Agent Perth are one such organization which will help you get skilled visas without any hassle. We are the best in Australia, and know the migration laws better than the others! Contact us now!

The Skilled Migration Points Test checks your eligibility for skilled independent visa, which has a pass mark of 60. The points are awarded according to criteria like age, qualifications, previous employment experience and depth of English language.

For people who fail to attain the pass mark, the extra points for passing might be given to you if you’re eligible for nomination by the Australian Government of any State or Territory. If your points are still not at the cut-off marks, you can apply for a provisional skilled migration visa, which can be used to obtain a permanent residency visa in future.

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Once you receive an invitation for lodging your skilled visa application, you must lodge it within 60 days of receiving the application, failing which, you can lose points. These and other numerous other factors shall not only govern you skilled visa obtaining possibility, but also your skilled visa Australia processing time. The more error-free your application is, the faster your visa will get processed!

At Immigration Agent Perth, we realize the toil the visa application process commands, given how quickly Australian immigration laws can change. We will help you make sure you never go wrong in the visa application process, and can considerably reduce the skilled visa Australia processing time for you- a perfect visa application can get processed within a semester too!

We will advise you right from how to lodge your EOI with all the necessary details properly, till the end of the Skill select system. In addition to all this, we have skilled immigration lawyers in our team who will advise you on the right skilled migration visa to apply, based on their years of experience. For assistance, contact us now via our toll-free number or our email id and we will be right back to you.
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