student visa extension in Australia

How to Apply for a Student Visa Extension in Australia?

Students from other countries prefer to study in Australia because of its educational opportunities and stunning natural surroundings. There are several options available to international students who want education in Australia and apply for a student visa 500. It is one of the most sought-after locations for students because of its excellent education, several degrees offered, and work opportunities following graduation. Research capabilities at Australian universities are among the best in the world, especially in the fields of education, social sciences, and the humanities.

Any student who wants to study in Australia must correctly meet the requirements for an Australian student visa to receive a stress-free education. You can live and study for five years if you have a student visa in Australia. 

Also, it allows 40 hours of work every two weeks while you are enrolled in classes and a full-time job once classes end. Part-time employment is permitted throughout academic sessions. Students occasionally stay longer than five years for a variety of reasons. They will require an extension of their student visa to enter Australia.

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Student Visa Extension Australia

Australia doesn’t issue international students a visa. You will want to find a means to travel to Australia for your studies. If you can’t return to your home country and your study visa is due to expire, your course has been extended.

There are three options available to you:

  • File a fresh application for a visa for students or 
  • Apply for a tourist visa.
  • Subclass 485: Temporary Graduate Visa Application

You are not eligible to extend or renew your current student visa. However, after speaking with the top Australia study visa specialist, you can still apply for a new one to immigration Australia on a student visa if it expires before you complete your course. 

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Visa Extension for Students in Australia Reasons 

For various reasons, current overseas students enrolled in any Australian university or institution may need to apply for an extension of their student visa. Students may have different motivations, and the circumstances certainly do. The list of explanations for which overseas students may need to renew their visas is as follows: 

  • The student needs an official document to live in Australia because their present visa is about to expire. 
  • Should the student alter their course of study, they might require a fresh Certificate of Education and apply for a new visa or request an extension, as the term would vary depending on the Australian university. 
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the applicant’s course has been extended, and before it ends, the visa expires.  
  • If a graduate’s research period has been extended, they can also request an extension of their Australia student visa. 
  • Research students may also request an extension if they haven’t attended their final exam or presentation. Their student visa expires before grading is finished. 

Apply for a Student Visa Extension in Australia

While studying in Australia, students have three major options for requesting a visa extension. The following is a list of steps in this order: 

  1. Get a fresh Certificate of Enrollment before requesting an extension of a student visa in Australia. 
  2. Applicants must ensure that their OHSC is extended to coincide with the time frame for applying for a visa. 
  3. Maintain a list of the paperwork required to apply for an extension of a student visa in Australia. Verify the paperwork needed to apply for a student visa to Australia.
  4. Take the necessary steps within 14 days of receiving the notification via mail if there are any biometric requirements. Ensure you meet all submission deadlines. 
  5. Applicants wishing to extend their student visa in Australia must undergo a health examination. It is made possible by a HAP ID created on the ImmiPortal for each applicant and given at the location of the health examination. The Home Affairs Department receives the medical reports directly. 
  6. Ensure you apply for the visa before departing for Australia (you can ask for an extension or, if you’re eligible, a new one). Additionally, candidates with bridging visas would be permitted entry into Australia. 
  7. Complete the application for an extension of a student visa in Australia and watch this space for updates. Steer clear of these errors to prevent Australian student visa rejections.

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Documents Required for Education Visa Australia Extension

In addition to checking the current visa conditions and how much time they should have in hand while applying for a student visa extension in Australia and waiting for its confirmation, applicants must request a new Certificate of Extension (CoE) if the course of study and duration change. In addition to this, special paperwork is needed to extend a student visa in Australia. These are primarily personal and include the following: 

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Identity page of a passport (i.e., each page bearing an immigration stamp and a sample visa)
  • A legitimate national identity card, such as an Indian voter ID, PAN card, or Aadhar card
  • Proofs of household registration 
  • A current resume validated by any municipal government in the nation of residence 
  • Marriage licence (available exclusively to candidates who are married) 
  • Policy Number for OSHC  
  • Proof of having enough money to live and study in Australia 
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) new issuance   

Applying for a New Australian Student Visa

Students who meet the requirements to be eligible for a new student visa while residing in Australia might choose this option. In this case, individuals could apply to become new students or stay in Australia. The decision to endure in Australia until the processing of their fresh visa request is up to the applicants. Students will have two alternatives for bridging visas while they wait for the release of their new visas. These are: 

Bridging Visa A Subclass 010: 

Only applicants whose student visas have expired and who can lawfully remain in Australia with this bridging visa are eligible for this BVA. There are no charges for this visa. It must be applied online or on paper, exactly like the temporary visa. 

Bridging Visa B Subclass 020: 

If an applicant must depart Australia, they may apply for this visa upon their departure. For this BVB visa, the applicant must be able to provide evidence of their temporary departure from Australia and their desire to return. 


Your student visa may require to be extended for you to finish your degree. Helping and advising new international students who wish to study in Australia is the primary objective. By applying for a tourist visa (600), temporary graduate visa (subclass 485), or new education visa (500), you can extend Australian student visa. 

Applying for a visa on your own in Australia can be very scary; avoid taking the possibility of being turned down.  If your visa application is not complete, Australian Immigration may reject it.

Through their systematic and professional approach, immigration specialists can assist students with extending their visas. The MARA (Registered Migration Agent team) may present the application and supporting documentation. Visa agents in Perth, WA, help in even the little nuances and offer each application individualized attention. They assess and carry out the complete visa process while satisfying their client’s needs with their assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is My Student Visa Renewable If I Haven’t Completed My Studies?

A visa can’t be renewed after it has expired. You must apply for a new student visa or visa subclass 500 if you must remain in Australia to finish your studies. The home affairs office needs about 12 to 14 weeks to process an application.

Q. Can I Continue Working While Awaiting a Visa Extension?

Bridging visas A or BVA will be given to students, allowing them to remain in Australia while their Processing of new visa applications is ongoing. The employment rights provided to students under their student visas will also apply to them.

There have been main statements recently about the temporary extension of working hours for holders of student visas. Students can now work in any business sector for more than 40 hours per two weeks.