Different Australian Visa Options For Skilled Workers

Different Types Of Australian Visa Options for Skilled Workers

Understanding Australian Migrating rules can be very puzzling at the start and it is true that the system is somewhat complex.

Australia is looking for more than 100, 00 skilled migrants. If you are a skilled worker who wants to stay in Australia and work, there are many visa options available to you. There are many temporary and permanent options that enable you to be hired by Australian businesses. Skilled migrants start working in Australia with Employer-sponsored visa.

The most important thing is to register your details online with an EOI or “Expression of Interest”. You need to do this before being able to apply for any type of visa for skilled migration. Either the government or employer will contact you if they are searching for your details and then you can fill out the visa application.

One benefit is that before filling the EOI you do not have any cost. If you listen to the employer or the government, it means that whatever you have said about yourself is correct and you have the documents to show it, you have a good chance to approve the visa application.

There are many types of visas that you will need to apply to go through the EOI process and have been “invited” by the government or employer to apply. It is most presumably that you will be told when the visa type is applied for which the migration is right, for which you are most suitable.   If you want help finding a registered/licensed adviser, Immigration Agent Perth can also help.

Which Australian Visa Do I Apply For?

Did you want to apply to migrate completely to Australia without any sponsorship from the employer in Australia?

If you have been proposed and have been invited by a government agency like state or regional government or federal government, then you will have to fill Visa Subclass 189. This is for any person who wants to work permanently in Australia and want to stay and live wherever they choose. Your near family will also be enabled to emigrate with you.

Are you likely to be nominated for a migration by a particular state or regional government?

If so, you fill in the Visa Subclasses in 190, once being requested by that government agency.  If the visa application is successful, then you can stay anywhere in Australia permanently and bring your family with you.

Did you intend to come to Australia for some years and live and work?

If you already have a family in Australia, they can nominate you to migrate for up to 4 years. Once you get the proposal, the visa subclass 489 will be applied. A state or regional government may nominate you for the same temporary period of emigration. You will be permitted to work only in a particular part of the country where you’re family lives or the place you were nominated.

Are you looking for a sponsor from a particular employer within Australia?

If so, you may need to apply for Visa Subclass 186 after obtaining a visa from the employer. This will allow you to permanently migrate to Australia and it is suitable for those who have already been in Visa Type 457 in Australia or have never worked here, but your skills are just right for what an employer looking for.

The decision to move to a new country is probably the biggest decision you will ever make, so Registered Immigration Agent Perth make sure that you get a visa that will enable you to meet this goal.