Begin Your Study Journey In Australia With Student Visa 500

Begin Your Study Journey In Australia With Student Visa 500

When it comes to education, Australia stands in the top position. The nation is well-known across the globe for having some of the best universities, which has ranked as the most prestigious within the entire blue planet. Studying in Australia will not just provide individuals with high-quality education, but you will gain the opportunity to live and work within this beautiful country. All this is possible through the Student Visa Subclass 500, and it’s one of the best visas for all aspiring students who wish to complete their higher studies in Australia. The student visa 500 is not like the other visas as it contains plenty of benefits for all the international students who apply for it. 

Things To Know About The Subclass 500

Through the Visa subclass 500, candidates can remain within the nation for 5 years and get to complete their higher education with no issues. The visa will enable them to participate in their course of study, one can also include the members of their family who wish to travel with them to Australia. Apart from that, the visa will also enable the students to work around 40-hours every 2-weeks once their course begins. 

If the students want to apply for the visa, they can do so out or inside the country. With the help of student visa 500, candidates can also take part in all the outdoor activities, which take place during holidays or events within the nation. Individuals will have no issues when it comes to living and working within the nation. The visa is ideal for all those individuals who want to make a career and get themselves a job after completing their respective courses.


Visa Subclass 500 Eligibility Criteria

When an individual has decided to study in Australia and wishes to apply for the student visa 500, there are several things he/she needs to fulfill. Firstly, they need to be 6-years old or above and must provide CoE or Confirmation of Enrolment for their intended courses, if the individual is applying for the visa offshore. They can also provide a letter instead of a CoE for all their intended courses. The CoE letter should be provided right before the visa is granted to the students. 

Interested students also need to provide evidence on their financial side. One must have a sufficient amount within their bank account so that they can support themselves during their stay. Along with that, providing the character and health requirements are also highly crucial. If you are 18-years old or lower, it’s important to show proof of the welfare arrangements.

Providing Evidence On English Language Ability

English is an official language, which is spoken throughout the nation. Depending on the country of passport and education provider, students will be asked to provide evidence on their English language test score. This particular test is only eligible for students who belong from a non-English speaking nation. They must provide proof of their test score if they wish to become eligible to study in Australia.

There are several English language tests, which one can opt for, such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, OET, and PTE Academic. Individuals can opt for the one that is approved by the Department. Otherwise, students can choose any one of the English-language tests according to their needs. After completing the test and receiving the score, make sure to attach it with the other documents when applying for the student visa 500. 


How To Apply For The Student Visa Subclass 500?

To apply for the visa subclass 500, international can do so through the online platform. Also, there is no rule that one has to apply for a visa from your birth country itself. It’s because the Visa can be applied both offshore and onshore. Individuals need to fill out the student visa 500 application form where they have to provide all the important details and information. Some of the main things that they need to offer are personal information, passport documents, high school certifications, and health documents.

If a family member or members are tagging along with them, he/she must provide their personal information. Once they have filled the application, make sure to attach all the essential documents along with it. Before submitting the documents, go through them one last time and check to see if you miss out on something. Remember, providing wrong information might lead to the cancellation of the visa. That is why one should be pretty careful. 

What To Do When You Need Help With The Visa?

On certain occasions, applying for a student visa is not that simple. There are many rules and regulations you have to follow so that students can obtain your visa. If individuals are stuck somewhere or need help with something, contacting a professional Migration Agent Perth will be the best idea. The agents are well-versed with such matters and can provide some advice and tips when it comes to student visa 500. 

They have received training and classes to help international students with all the visa-related work and provide a solution to the problems they are experiencing. Aspiring candidates will receive plenty of help from the Immigration Agent as he/she is the most reliable and trusted individual one will ever come across. They carry in-depth information about the visa and will provide information on the required documents, how to begin the application process, and so on. 

Students will have no problem filling out the visa application when the migration agents are right beside them to provide their help. They guide each of the students and explain to them the areas, which they are having problems in understanding. Taking the help of the professionals will simplify the entire visa process, and it will also not take much time for the visa to be approved. Also, students who learn more about the universities across Australia will receive information about them through the agents themselves.

The student visa 500 has helped students across the blue planet to fulfill their dream of studying in Australia. It has also enabled the students to receive job offers and work within a reputed firm or an organization with no hassle. Interested candidates who are applying for this particular visa must learn more about the visa before applying for it.