Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Know About The Latest Changes in Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, international students find it challenging to get their Temporary Graduate Visa 485. The Visa Subclass 485 can be held by any individual who holds a valid visa. Though there is no formal clarification from the Department of Home Affairs, we will discuss the latest changes made in the visa application.

Here we discuss some of the frequently asked questions that experts face.

  • What is the Subclass 485 Visa?

    If you are an international student in Australia, have completed your graduation from an Australian institute with the Student Visa Subclass 500, and want to stay back in this country, you can apply for this visa. Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 will allow you to stay, study, and work in Australia. This visa will be very beneficial if you want to obtain full-time work experience in Australia.

  • What streams does the 485 Graduate Visa have?

    Visa Subclass 485 has three streams under it – Graduate Work Stream, Post-Study Work Stream and Second Post Study Work Stream.

    Graduate Work Stream: If you have studied a 2-year Diploma or Advanced Diploma course and completed it, which is relevant to an occupation included in the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List, you can apply for this stream. You can stay and work for 18 months with this visa. You have to complete the skill assessment in the nominated occupation and get the necessary English test results.

    Post-Study Work Stream: If you hold a Bachelor or Masters or Doctorate from an Australian university, you can apply for this stream. It will let you stay, study, and work for 2 to 4 years, depending on your qualification. The difference from the previous stream is that you will not be required to complete the skill assessment. However, English requirements are also needed here. 

    Second Post Study Work Stream: If you have a visa from the first temporary post-study visa who have graduated from a regional Australian institution, You can apply for this stream.

    In general, you have to be inside Australia at the time of application for streams. But, recently, some exceptions have been issued by the Australian Government because of the COVID-19 restrictions. Moreover, if you have been previously granted a Graduate Work Stream Visa, a Subclass 476 Visa, or a second Post-Study Work Stream Visa, you will not get this visa. 

    Though the general temporary period allowed under this visa is 18 months to 4 years, you can stay for a maximum of 5 years in Australia if you are a passport holder from Hong Kong. This rule was introduced in 2020.

  • How long will my 485 Graduate Visa be processed?

    The 485 visa Processing Time is different for two different streams. The Graduate Work Stream gets processed in 9 to 10 months. The Post-Study Work Stream gets processed in 9 months.

  • How much is the 485 Visa cost?

    For the first 485 Graduate Visa, you have to pay around AUD 1680. And for the second Graduate 485 Visa, the cost will be AUD 660.


Latest Changes Made In Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

Here we discuss some of the latest changes made in the visa application.

  • Dependent/primary applicant update

    According to the new rules and regulations, if you have previously held a Temporary Graduate Visa 485 as a dependent, you will not be eligible to apply for this visa as a primary applicant. With this change, many recent graduates and their family members may be affected.

  • Official aspects about the change

    The Migration Institute of Australia or MIA has issued statements on the two changes made on the 485 Subclass Visa application. According to them, the Immigration Department has clarified that several modifications are applied to the family members of the Graduate Visa 485 holders. And, if someone has held a Visa 485 previously as a secondary holder, they can apply for another Graduate Visa as the primary applicant. However, the Department of Immigration has still not confirmed the information. 

  • The actual change made on the 485 Visa

    The main change made on the 485 Visa is the introduction of the Second Post-Study Work Stream. As per the latest announcements by the Department of Immigration, holders of the Graduate Visa 485 will be able to apply for a second Post-Study Work Stream Visa if they have lived, studied, or worked in a regional centre or other regional areas for 2 years. 

    Previously, you could get the chance to apply for a Post-Study Work Stream Visa only once as a primary applicant. But now, you can easily extend your duration of stay in Australia. The eligibility criteria for this second visa are as follows. 

    – You should have completed your graduation from an Australian institute or university located in a regional centre with your student visa (before getting your first PSWV).

    – You should have lived in a regional centre for a minimum of 2 years.

What Can You Do To Get Your Temporary Graduate Visa Smoothly?

The changed rules can indeed be very disappointing, and you may get your visa refused by the Immigration Department. But, you can consult a registered migration agent anywhere in Australia who will help you understand the updated regulations and rules to avoid typical mistakes. It will smoothen your Visa Subclass 485 application procedure.

Besides making you aware of the specific information and advice on the current situation in Australia, a qualified and experienced migration agent can also help you go for the best available options regarding your condition. When a trained professional takes matters into their hands, you will feel maximum peace of mind. So, if you plan to apply for the 485 Subclass Visa, first look for the best migration agent.

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