Australia Student Visa 500

Australia Student Visa 500: Everything You Need to Know!


In this article, you will learn about the Student Visa 500. It is a type of visa in which international students are allowed to study in Australia. In the process of obtaining a student visa 500 your own country wants to know about your stay in Australia. You need to provide an educational background and your plans. You should also know that rules and regulations may be amended over time. Make a note before processing it. 

What is a Student Visa 500 in Australia?

The Australian Student Visa 500 is the type of visa that allows students to study in Australia. As we have read before, this visa also allows students to study for up to five years full-time. This visa will allow the student to study in the Australian universities. You can also write the name of your partner or child ( family member). Many times, the application process becomes difficult to fill out. If you want your application to be successfully filled out, be careful while submitting the documents.

Student Visa 500 Requirements Australia

Student Visa Requirements Australia requires documents, which are mentioned below:

1. Passport: A student who wants to study in Australia must have their original passport. A passport is important to travel the world. With a valid passport, students should also have a valid ID proof or driving license.

2. Present photo: Every student applying for a visa should have their present photographs. They might also need your fingerprints.

3. Visa application form: The application form has to be submitted properly. Students have to deposit all the required documents. Make sure it is properly signed with all the requirements.

4. Age qualification:For visa selection, there are age qualifications. Make sure you qualify for the age.

5. Evidence:After applying for an Australian visa, you have to submit your confirmation of enrollment (COE) for all the courses. Your COE  should not expire; otherwise, your visa will be rejected.

6. Consent from parents: If a child is accompanying, who is under 18 years of age? Their parent consent should be there with the application form.

7. Documents: Applicants should provide all the required documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and any other if mandatory. If you have changed your name, give that document also.

8. Health insurance: Health insurance is also an important point for visa approval. Students going for a visa must have insurance from OSHC. The validity of the insurance starts from the day the student arrives in Australia.

9. Financial capacity: While processing for a visa, officers will check your financial capacity. That will check that you have sufficient funds to travel, stay, or study. There is also evidence that family members will support the applicant during their studies. 

10. Certificate: Certain certificates need to be submitted before visa processing time. Like an English language certificate, which enables visa acceptance.

11. Temporary Stay: Applicants should write about their temporary stay. It is important because it makes sure that you will not overstay in Australia.

12. Employment: Documents related to employment should also be submitted to officers. 

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Step-By-Step Process to Apply for Australia Student Visa Subclass 500

Here is the step-by-step guidance for a student visa in Australia.

1. Immi account: The first step is to create an Immi account where you will submit your application.

2. Documents: The second step is to collect all the essential and required documents. Like the COE of an Australian institution where you want to study. And make sure you have a recent checklist.

3. Fee structure: The Australian student visa fee structure is $650 approximately. You can also apply for an exemption, which is provided by the visa department.

4. Final step: After filling out the form, and checking all your documents, a visa will be granted if your form is selected.

Australia’s Student Visa Processing Time

Student visa Australia processing time is usually approximately four months, approximately. Usually, the processing time for an Australian student visa 500 is up to three months to a year. It may also depend on the course you have chosen in Australia. 

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Australian Student Visa 500 Rules

Australian student visa rules are now stricter. Always check the new rules before proceeding:

1. Language command: The command over the English language has been increased nowadays. Students have to pass the IELTS exam. There are minimum score requirements that need to be clear.

2. Financial proof: New rules are strict in financial matters. Students should be financially stable to survive in Australia.

3. Tests: New tests have been introduced, like genuine student tests. Checking the test is strict.

4. Suspension: The Australian government will suspend education institutions from selecting the student who breaks the rules. 

Benefits of Having an Australian Visa Subclass 500

There are benefits to having a student visa subclass 500

1. Flexibility in studies: Australia is flexible in studies. You can pursue any subject of your choice. These are primary and secondary courses, higher education, English language programs, postgraduate, and many more.

2. Family members: Your family can also join you in your visa application. While filling out the visa form, you can include your partner, child, etc.

3. Work while studying: It also gives you the facilities for working. While continuing your studies, you can also work. Working hours have some time limits. Generally, it is 48 hours per week. And if a student is doing a master’s degree, there is no working hour limit.

4. Entry to Australia: This flexibility allows students to enter Australia multiple times until the visa is valid.


In sum, studying in Australia is beneficial for the bright future of students. The applicant should seek the help of Immigration Agent Perth for a visa. They will help you know the appropriate way to file a visa application. They make sure that the visa process goes smoothly.