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If working and getting permanent residency in Australia is your dream life, then you should make sure you get the sponsorship visa. This is your gateway to Australia, which is a point based visa. You can even bring in your family members to Australia with you, provided that they too qualify for visas according to the required criteria.

The Australian State Sponsorship Migration Visa (Subclass 190), is a permanent immigration visa which allows you to work and settle in Australia. You can get a job in any territory of Australia which is most benefited via your skill. The various criteria involved in getting this visa are:

  • You must be under 50 years of age.
  • Must fulfill the basic requirements, like English ability, health and character tests, work experience. Your skill must feature in the skilled occupations list of Australia too.
  • Score at least 60 points in the test to qualify for the Visa.
  • Once all the criteria are successfully fulfilled, you are given a 5 year multiple entry visa. If you live for only two years in Australia out of those 5 years, you can get you visa renewed. Also, if you stay for 4 years continuously, you can apply for permanent residence as well.

Application for the Visa can seem an overwhelming process to some, while an easy process to the rest. And in whichever category you fall under, make sure you have a professional guide by your side, as that will make sure that you don’t go wrong in any stage of the visa application and in the fulfillment of the required criteria, as errors can lead to delays and cancellation of visas.

And Immigration Agent Perth, with their years of experience in helping a plethora of applicants get their visas successfully, is your best option. We will leave no stone upturned to make sure that you get your sponsorship visa without hassles. Contact us via our email id or toll-free number and we will be back to you!

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Australia today has numerous job vacancies waiting to be filled by talented and skilled workers like you. Australia promises of a wonderful lifestyle, and satisfying payment in compliance with your job. Maximum jobs are full-time ones, and you can be sure of a secured work experience. Thus, working in Australia is undoubtedly the best option for you! And we at Immigration Agent Perth WA make sure that no visa-related issue hinders your prospective job prospects.

We at Immigration Agent Perth have years of experience, and are the best immigration agent in Perth. We help all our clients right from the beginning to the end of the visa obtaining process, starting from accessing their abilities to reviewing their documents, preparing and submitting documents at each stage of application, and tracking the entire process of approval of your visa up to the DIBP of Australia, till they successfully attain their visas.

We also help our clients get their bank account, mobile SIM card, tax file number, tax information, work courses and other arrival packages necessary for all clients. Getting business sponsorship visa Australia can be difficult, but not when we are by your side! Contact Immigration Agent Perth now!

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