Immigration to Australia – Options for Indians by Immigration Agents Perth

With the visa policies of the USA and the UK getting stricter, people are now searching for other possibilities – a country where they could live happily and safely. In this exploration, the name of Australia has repeatedly crossed their minds. Australia has always been welcoming to immigrants and Indians prefer to immigrate to Australia prefer to migrate to Australia rather than America or the UK; now more than ever. A consultation with  registered immigration agents Perth can help you determine what kind of visa you must apply for in order to migrate to Australia.

Living in Australia has many benefits of its own. You can enjoy both natural and technologically advanced wonders of the world here. There is a great, healthy climate, lots of good educational institutions and numerous work opportunities with better paying jobs in Australia. So who wouldn’t want to go there? But to be able to do so, you need a visa for Australia. To learn about your prospects there, take a look at the visas you can apply for:

 Immigration to Australia for Indians

Student Visa:  Australia is a popular destination for studying abroad. Several of Australia’s universities are among the topmost universities in the world. Australian Government also spends millions of dollars every year on education and scholarships to enhance its level. There are almost all kinds of courses here to study. You cal learn Arts, Humanities, Commerce, Business, Science, Technology, Architecture and Medical here. Moreover, you find yourself comfortable studying here as all the courses are taught in English here. Get a student visa according to your requirements and study in Australia.

Skilled Professional Visa:  Australia has highly developed industries and a market for skilled jobs. But because of its low population, it has a shortage of skilled workers. You get an advantageous position if you have relevant skills and work experience. There are several skilled work visas for Australia like Visa 457, Visa 186, Visa 190 etc. With a proper visa, you can also gain permanent residency also.

Family Visa: If someone in your family or your relatives is an Australian citizen or permanent resident then they can sponsor you for a family visa. There are many options for parents, partner and child migration.

To know what kind of visa is suitable for you, you can get an Immigration Agent Perth free consultation and discuss with the consulters.


Settling In Australia Has Now Become Easier With Immigration Agent Perth

It is quite easy to fall in love with the land of kangaroos and koalas where the land emphasizes a palette full of colors with the out backing coral reefs, the never ending driveways to get lost within yourself, the right backpacking trips and the synchronization of the sea with the with red sands. If you are looking forward to get settled in the country it is not quite easy as it sounds or visualized in the films.

For a reality check it is often a complex process to deal with. Getting a citizenship for any country at any part of the world is a difficult task and involves a lot of terms and conditions, and Australia is no such exception. To make it easier for you it is better to consult immigration agent Perth, whose service over the years has brought several smiles to many satisfied customers who are now residing in Australia.


If you are not one lucky citizen of New Zealand to get a special visa and some special attention for the immigration process involved then you need to go through several process involved for applying to citizen ship in Australia. The below given are the citizenship applicants causes for the people who are residing in Australia or have a blood relation with someone having an Australian citizenship:

A) If you are an adopted child of an Australian citizen under the observation of Hague Conversion and the laws of Inter country adoption or an agreement between Australia and other country then you are eligible to apply for the citizenship

B) If for some personal or due to other commitments of your parents you were born outside Australia but your parents hold the permanent citizenship of the country

C) If your married to an Australian citizenship holder

D) If you are the child of a former Australian citizenship holder

E) If you were affiliated to Papua before the independence of 1975

F) If you are willing to resume your Australian citizenship

Completion of the application involves a Citizenship Test to sew how much knowledge one holds into account about the country. It is important for one to pass this test to continue with their citizenship process.

Next are the people who belong to a different country other than Australia and New Zealand and do not hold any kind of blood relation with anyone in the country need to go through different procedures depending on their nationality.

It is very important for the one looking for citizenship to choose the particular credential for the immigration; say it for business related to or a transferable job for the requirement of skilled labor. One needs to find the proper EOI under the skilled section provided by the Government to present it up in a proper arrangement and in the right format where marks are given.

If your EOI is chosen then you are given a rank and depending on that rank a maximum time span of 60 days is provided to submit the requirement documents, exceeding the time may lead to rejection.

It is important to give a proper language test to match the linguistic skills of the native.


At immigration agent in Perth, not only your application is done without giving any stress to you but also your first steps of residing are also looked upon. Immigration agent perth is ready to guide you even with buying the right house and opening a bank account and also find the right job to suit you. For more details regarding your immigration processes and applications contact immigration agent Perth.