Temporary work (Skilled) visa – Subclass 457

This kind of visa (Subclass 457) is a temporary visa but it can lead to permanent residency through subclass 186 or 187. Subclass 457 (Temporary work visa) allows you to work in Australia for up to 4 years and you can also bring your family to study or work in Australia.

The visa is for people of other countries who are employed and sponsored by Australian or overseas businesses and also the line of work needs to be in Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (CSOL). With the association of Immigration Agent Perth WA  you can apply for the same with ease and our panel of lawyers will assist you in obtaining the same by putting least effort.

Process of 457 system
To use the 457 visa, businesses desired of employing workers from other countries first need to get the Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS). All the applications are assessed by Department of Immigration, so all the Australian companies needs to prove that they are legally trading and have operations in place to train local employees, if they are thinking of sponsoring international applicants.

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Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)

The Temporary Residence Transition stream
A person who is right now on 457 visa and have worked for at least 2 years for their employer can apply for this visa. The applicant’s permanent residence visa application must be sponsored by the employer.
Temporary residents like 457 visa holders, who live and work in Australia or skilled workers of other countries are eligible for this visa. Three visa streams of subclass 186 are: The Temporary Residence Transition stream, The Direct Entry stream and The Agreement stream.
The Direct Entry Stream
Eligible applicant for this visa are those who are from other countries than Australia and who have never, or have only worked for a little while in Australia. To obtain the visa a positive skill assessment is necessary.

The Agreement stream
Applicants who are sponsored by an employer via labour or regional migration agreement are eligible for this visa. Several factors like age, character, health, English language ability, training and market salary rates will be assessed, when applying for the visa.

Subclass 186 is a permanent resident visa that makes it the ultimate aim of several 457 visa holders.
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